From My Desk

A Status update

30 Oct, 2017 @ 17:16

Been awhile!  Many things have happened, and much more to come.  My site is finally back online after a few month hiatus, of which I was certain I lost the site and what little content there is.  With a little luck and some help from the engineers at Amazon, I was able to recover and set up my server proper.  The biggest difficulty of the process was relating to payments, and needing to verify who I was, but in the end, it was all good.

Going forward from that event though I’m hoping to get content up more regularly, both of programming aspect and other technical forms, including my tinkering with home automation and possibly in the future some Arduino projects.  The first step though is the completion of this very site, or at least more content and making it more mobile friendly.  I really want to focus on that gallery page funny enough, lots of work I want to share with everyone.

Till next time though, happy coding!

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