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UX/UI and why its important

23 Nov, 2017 @ 16:31

One of the things I’m learning while building on this site and that is new to me is UX and UI and why it’s important.  What brings this to mind?  Well if you head over to the gallery page you can see an example of what I’m currently walking through.  Once a user clicks into a gallery all of the images appear scattered across the page, clicking them brings up a popup with title and description of the image.  So whats the problem you might ask?  In short, how to link to the image.

Method One

So I’ve got a couple ideas on how to handle that.  First thought is to scrap the popup and instead have the click take you to the page with the single image.  There I can display the image much larger, format the text how I want etc, and best of all the browser URL reflects the link to that single image.  Perfect!  Or is it?  One of the things I want is to be able to see all the images in the gallery and I personally feel that clicking the image will defeat that purpose as you can’t view them all in full size without a lot of navigation back and forth along with increase page load times significantly due to that back and forth navigation.

Method Two

The next idea I had was to have the popup box update the browser URL to contain the link to the image so that users can simply copy paste that, but then what if they think they are copying for the album and not the image?  Another problem is that if someone copies the link from the popup, pastes into a browser and opens in a new tab the visuals will be different as we will be back to the single images page, not ideal.   Naturally, my thought process said well what if we don’t use the single image page at all?  What if we only use the gallery with the popup and rather than link to the image itself we just append something like the ID of the image to the URL that updates with the currently opened image, and when pasted causes the lightbox plugin to open the image in the URL.

Which to Choose?

Long story short?  I’m not sure.  I like the idea of method one a little more but there are definite drawbacks,  method two is a little easier I think as far as implementation but neither really have me going yeah that will work.  Maybe it’ll come to my in my sleep and this entire post will be moot.

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