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Formal UI Plans

27 Apr, 2018 @ 14:02

Greetings readers!  Over the past few weeks as I’ve had time I’ve been working on some of the gallery features that I was talking about in the previous post and discovering more issues as well.  Some security things were implemented, however, there is still more to do on that front.  One thing that’s come to my attention though from my own usage has been the gallery landing page, showing all the galleries were getting to be too cumbersome to both load and display. and not exactly easy to navigate.

The solution I had come up with for that, well temporary solution, was to just simply display a quick list of the categories and from there show the albums, the only problem arising is if a user doesn’t know for sure which category the album they are looking for will be in.  How to solve that issue?  Well, I’m not sure other than I hope I’ve made the categories intuitive enough that people can easily find where they are going.  Like my model kits are all in models, airshows in airshows and so on.

I’ve been putting thought into how to tackle the tag system on the front end, but the display portion is where I’m stuck and the reason behind this post.  Having worked on many projects for work in the past where I’ve been given guidance on the layout based on a design document provided by a design firm or in-house designers.  Before I continue with further development on the site I feel like now is a good time to sit and document up a proper plan not only on components but also full-page layouts.  I want to keep the style I’ve been working towards as the goal, but not be too repetitive about it either.  Maybe see about adding in some sort of visual composer elements as well so that when I’ve got these design blocks done and laid out its a game of drag and drop.  Just wish I had a copy or access to some of those documents still as a reference point on how to tackle this.

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