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Moving Away From WordPress??

21 Nov, 2018 @ 18:32

What gives?  Why would I spend all this time on WordPress and talking about how I want to build a great gallery plugin for it, spend the time and effort into building the theme and such to move on??  Move onto where as well?

First let me say that WordPress is an amazing tool and it is still very relevant to marketing myself as a developer, and a useful tool for customers due to its extreme popularity, but I wanna move away from PHP for one thing, and I wanna play with the hot new tools, and learn some like bigger scale architecting of websites/apps that I feel WordPress just can’t offer without load balancing servers.  Also provide myself a great new journey and a chance to dive deep into something again.

So the goal….. Next.JS.  Next.JS is a very powerful framework that works with ReactJS, and in the case of my new website adds GraphQL which BTW is very awesome and soon as the new site is launched i’m going to be going into a lot of depth on it.  Other tools being used:

  • Next.JS (ReactJS Framework)
  • STRAPI (Headless CMS)
  • Apollo Client and server (Data Storage)
  • GraphQL (Query Language)
  • Styled-Components (CSS in JS)
  • Pop Motion Pose (Animations)
  • Stripe (Payments)
  • TravisCI (continuous Testing and deployment)
  • Sentry (Error Reporting)
  • Many more yet to be determined exactly

My goal is to make this all very modular, but yet easy to manage all of my sub-domains eventually and provide a lot of cool tools for future customers, be on the lookout for it though, everything is still being nailed down.

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