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SR-71 'Blackbird'

Started: 06/25/2021Updated: 06/29/2021
Kit Number60128
Year Released2011
CompletedMar 16, 2020
Build Time


Well, this one is going to be easy! Let's start with that. Inside the box are two small sprues molded in black plastic, along with the canopy in clear. Finishing it off is a small instruction sheet and decals. I told you it'd be fast!


Building up of this cute little model is very easy with not too many pieces to get wrapped up in the details and be frustrating. Construction begins with the left and right engines, which consists of a top and bottom nacelle piece, the intake cone, and exhaust nozzle. To this, the vertical fins are attached, although their angle wasn't easy to set but with a bit of work I was able to get them about the same. The body of the plane is made up of two pieces, an upper and a lower as well, after gluing there was a slight seam but a quick swipe of a sanding stick was gone. The last piece of this was assembling the landing gear and attaching the gear doors to them. The front gear received two tires while the rear got 3 total each, I left them off till the very end.


Overall the model is black, the instructions recommend a flat black but I opted for Tamiya X-18 Semi-gloss black to add a bit of shine, granted obviously this won't show in the end unless I use a final semi-gloss clear coat.


For a model of its size and simplicity, Hasegawa definitely did a number on the decals, in a good way of course! I figured that the model would basically include the major markings and that would be it but there were some sneaky little «No Step» decals included, something I wouldn't have expected honestly. The decals all went down very easily and sat down well with little issue.

Final Assembly

Finishing off this model was pretty easy, attaching the landing gear after a few dabs of paint and peeling off the window masks. Another one done!

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