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UH-1C Huey Helicopter

Started: 12/15/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
Kit Number85803
Year Released2012
Build Time


With this build being super easy I didn't figure I'd break down construction into each part and just cover it all in one main section. Starting off we build up the interior, adding the seats to the floor for the pilot/co-pilot along with the bench seating in the back. The instrument panel is then added along with the decals on it before placing this into the right half of the fuselage.

Before gluing it into place however the inside needs painted. This is standard grey with black sprinkled throughout as appropriate. Once the two halves were glued together I was able to attach the glass after masking off of course for painting. I also attached the tail fins at this point as well.


Painting this model is very easy, being that It's all olive drab with a couple of spots of red and yellow where appropriate. The tail rotor and main rotor get painted a semi-gloss black with the main rotor getting yellow tips and a red/white stripe on the tail rotor. The marking that I chose to do on this build is of a Marines variant and so I added a yellow band around the rear of the tail.


Having chosen to build the Marines marking for this model I set underway with decals dressing this ole bird up and bringing it to life. Many many decals get added to this one, surprising for the scale of the kit and the fact that it was such a cheap one as well. All the stencil data was legible, which was awesome. An hour and a half later and it was all done with only a couple mistakes, biggest being that I placed the US insignia before the Marines name, and then having to go back and adjust both because I was out of space. Decals adhered really well to top it off.

Final Assembly

To wrap up this project I simply had to clear coat one final time, pull the masking tape off the windows and glue the roto and tail rotor into place.

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