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P-38L-5-Lo "Lightning'

Started: 12/14/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
Kit Number80284
Year Released2012
Build Time


Building up of this model was very straightforward and simple with the upper and lower piece, and vertical stabilizers fitted from there. The landing gear was then added.


Paint for this model is AlClad II Airframe Aluminium. I wanted to use this just to test out using it more for other models and figured a good cheap model was a good testbed for it. The sheen isn't what I was hoping for but its a good start.

From there a painting of the interior took place, followed up by some exterior bits that needed re-blacked out.


The decals supplied in the kit aren't the best, they aren't sharp, or detailed but they worked. Thankfully at 1/72 scale not too many stencils are included and so decal work of this model went pretty quickly. They all set down just fine with water and brought the kit to life.

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