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Model T 1914 Firetruck

Started: 12/15/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
Kit Number24004
Year Released2016
Build Time

Engine & Accessories

To start off this build we begin with the engine, who'd have guessed it! The engine block is composed of two halves to which the valve cover gets added before attaching accessories like the fan and manifolds. Everything then gets a gloss black paint coat before brushing some details by hand brass and other colors.

Turning from the engine itself I built the two-piece radiator up along with plumbing lines to the radiator before putting together the exhaust to put aside for later. The radiator gets the first bit of brass this build will see!

Chassis & Suspension

Normally on an auto-build, I prefer to split the chassis and suspension but on this one it had to go hand in hand as you had to do some suspension, to fit more chassis on to do more suspension. The drive axles get attached to the main body frame along with the driveshaft to the rear axle. This all then received a glossy red coat, fire engine red! Speaking of engines the engine got placed at this point before it got trapped and made much harder to add it in later.

Once that was done I was able to add bracing to the underside to stiffen up the axles, so they didn't pivot and flex about. I then built up the wheels but didn't attach them to help keep the model from being so fragile during handling.

From there I built up the firewall and engine cowling and attached them, again painting them before doing so and modeled open to view the engine inside, but only on the one side. I then built up the main platform for the «cabin» where firefighters would sit to drive and fit this to the frame before building up the seat and attaching it.

ChassisChassis PaintedFront Suspenion & RadiatorRear Suspension

Fire Engine Accessories

Now we move on to the different things that one would find on the fire engine. We begin with the water tanks themselves, each is made up of two halves, with a filler cap to finish it off. These then get mounted into brackets at each end before adding the wheels to open and close them. A manifold is then added as well where the hose will later attach.

Next up is the basket that holds the hose and various other tools. Construction of this was a bit more fiddly than I'd have figured, with the 4 sides and the bottom fit together with the tiniest little lip for connection points. With some care, they went together and look great.

Water Tanks

Fitting Together Sub-assemblies

With a lot of the construction of sub-assemblies done and painted with a clear coat, I decided it was time to start putting some of the stuff together, bringing this one to a finish pretty quickly at that point. I started out by installing the engine and transmission, wiggling it into its final place before gluing it in with normal Tamiya extra thin. Then I attached the front axle and radiator to that, which also supports the front part of the engine. From there I flipped the model upside to spend some time with the drivetrain and suspension. of which almost all pieces fell into place without much struggle. I didn't realize it at the time but when I put the side bracing to the rear axle onto the rear axle I blocked myself from putting the exhaust on, this only just slightly slowed me down through getting it installed.

With that done I flipped it right side up after sufficient drying time and attached the seat and the firewall. I also put the water tanks into their support brackets and mounted this up to the chassis as well, before adding the basket over top of it. Starting to look a lot like a fire engine at this point!

Accessories and Final Assembly

At this point, I was able to turn back towards more of the detail bits of the model, things like bells, lights, the fire hose, and so on. I assembled them all and painted them off of the model as most of them got painted the same brass color used elsewhere. These all then got attached using CA or where clear plastic is PVA glue. With that done the model was complete and ready for the final photoshoot.

Progess Left SideProgress Right Side

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