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Mk.A Whippet British Medium Tank

Started: 12/15/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
Kit NumberTS-021
Year Released2015
CompletedMar 16, 2020
Build Time

Hull Construction

Starting off this model and a very big part of this overall model is the hull of the tank itself. With a one-piece lower part and just a few folded pieces for the upper part of the hull construction moved along relatively quickly. First, though a few detail bits were added to the front of the tank, a small storage bin and what I'd consider being bumpers of some sort. From there we begin building up the upper part, with one rather chunky piece that gets folded, before attaching 3 other pieces and installing the roofing section. I prepped everything in advance, cleaned up parts, added the detail bits and then worked to fit them all together to ensure that angles met up as appropriate with minimal work later needed, however, I still ended up with tiny gaps that I think primer and paint will fill and close up never to be seen alter.

The instructions then tell you to finish the front plates of this construction before finally fitting it to the lower hull, I opted to do it the other way around to once again aid in alignment and fitment. This seemed to work out better in my favor and requited just a bit more work to fit the front plates in, nothing I couldn't handle. Once that was completed the bottom plate of the tank gets fitted along with one more piece on a slope, molded that way for detail sake of course and the tank was all closed up.


Next up on our whippet adventure is the fuel tank, again comprised of parts needing to be folded and fit to side frames, to which gets attached to the front of the tank, making it vulnerable. There were also louvers and grab handles added, along with 4 machine guns on the turret itself. A few tools were then fitted, after being painted of course along with a bunch of wooden plates, their purpose I'm unsure of but I'd guess for tractions if need be or possibly as added armor.

Suspension and Road Wheels

I guess saying the suspension is a bit of a misnomer as there isn't one on this tank. it's as rigid as can be. Before we can actually dive into that though lots of road wheels must be built, 42 of them to be exact, and then a pair of idler wheels and drive sprockets.

Once all that was built up it was time to start assembling the left and right running gear systems. Thoughtfully provided was a diagram with different shades to show what order all the wheels get added in along with the standard isometric view, this made getting the order correct cakewalk. Once all the wheels were in place, the outer side frame and top plate were added, taking time to align everything into its proper home with some clamps to assist while the glue set up. Very fragile hooks were then added as the final detail on these before attaching to the main hull bringing the tank construction basically to a finish.


To begin painting this model I started out priming the entire model with Mr. Surfacer 1500 black. This has been my primer of choice lately, I love how it highlights problems but I do not like the stench… use with good ventilation! After that was applied though I turned to a new brand of paint for me, Ammo by Mig. The body of the tank received A.MIG-0112 British 1944-45 Olive Drab. The color is really good and it sprayed very well, and I love that the bottles have little metal balls in them to mix it up, along with the dropper top. After the paint setup, I was able to turn to the white and red stripes on the side of the tracks, with some quick masking using Tamiya vinyl tape I was ready to spray, using standard Tamiya colors.


Applying decals onto this model was very fast and easy, with only a pair of numberings on each side, and the name of the tank on the front and rear of the tank. They all laid down very easily and look great as well. This phase was such a cake!

Final Assembly and Detail Painting

With the model painted and decaled it was time to move onto the final assembly phase, adding details and painting a few things throughout. The first step was to build up the towing cables that get attached to the side of the suspension arms, consisting of a piece of metal wiring and plastic end turnbuckles. These then received a painting of Mr. Color burnt iron before fitting to the model. Next up was a pair of tools, a really big spanner, and a starting pipe, both again received metal colors before attaching to the upper hull on the rear of the tank. The last piece of the puzzle is a bunch of wood blocks that get attached around the turret.

The wooden armor blocks got an initial coat of Mr. Color wood brown, and then after that dried, I added the same olive drab used elsewhere on the mounting brackets. The metal pins that go through them then received some silver, not correct but the best I had at the time. Once these were all done a bit of glue was added to each and attached around the hull as appropriate when I was done there was a pair leftover that I just simply added to the back deck because why not!

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