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C-17 Globemaster III

Started: 06/21/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
Kit NumbermPLANE-007
Year Released2020
CompletedDec 25, 2021
Build Time

Building the model

To begin construction of this model we cut out 3 interior bits that form the bulkheads and floor of the cargo bay and insert them into the right half of the fuselage. The single piece of glass is then fit inside before joining the left half to this. Being one of the «EggPlane» series everything is friction fit, which I've done so far but after joining the two halves together I opted to use Tamiya extra thin along the joints to give them strength and hold together tight.

We then build the ramp for the cargo hold, a two-piece affair to which the instructions say to go ahead and attach either the sticker or decal detailing the ramp before offering this up to the lower part of the plane. After that, the bottom plate is added, again a friction fit but I glued around the edges to hold it into place. Provided you don't glue up the door this operates.

The instructions then have you build up the wheelsets, both the main landing gear and the nose gear, and attach those, but I skipped this step for later so that painting is easier later. Instead, I assembled the wings and elevators, each a 2 piece assembly with the lower piece fitting into the upper cavity. The wings then slot into the body, again with the aid of glue. The elevators clip together into the slot and the instructions call out this fact that you must do in step order.

The last thing to assemble on the plane itself is the engines, all 4 of them. There are two different types an 'A' and a 'B' version and care must be taken to get them into the right spots on the model. The fan is a one-piece that gets painted steel before adding it to the engine cowling halves and fitting to the wing.

Going back to the wheels, each of the main landing gear has 3 pieces, the center, and two outer halves that all connect together. Before I glued this up I painted each piece white, then hand-painted the rubber black. once that was done i set them to the side for final assembly.

Included in the model is a small model of an M1 Abrams tank, which is made up of five pieces. Two pieces form the turret, then the center section, and 2 outer pieces with the treads/wheels on them. This all fits together after a lot of cleaning of the center section really well and looks like an Abrams tank.


The one drawback to modern-day aircraft and even tanks is they are very boring to look at, but really easy to paint. I masked off the cockpit windows using Vallejo liquid mask and then painted the entire model with [insert paint here] sky gray. I masked off the wheel wells and the nose gear and painted those white, the instructions show this as black but in real life it's white.

The M1 tanks get painted the typical desert tan, this time painted using [insert paint color here]. After that, I painted the treads with Tamiya XF-85 rubber black before this little model was done.


As mentioned earlier the kit supplies both stickers and decals, one can choose to use whichever they want, the stickers aimed at a younger audience. The tank gets a couple of basic decals and the rest for the C-17. Unfortunately, only one marking is included in the box. The decals are laid down really easily and look great in the end.

Final Assembly

the final assembly was really easy. I added the nose gear wheels and the main gear into their wheel wells. Told ya it was easy!

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