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Cessna 172

Started: 12/14/2021Updated: 12/22/2021
Kit Number11635
Year Released2005
Build Time


Construction of the airplane begins with the cockpit of course. While simple as far as part count the finished result looks great, with detailed instrumentation and seats for everyone. Color callouts suggest colors commonly used in the interior as they have been built so much over many years there are many variations. I'm going to stick with a basic beige interior.

The dashboard gets a flat black paint, while the control yokes are a semi-gloss black. After the flat black dried I dry brushed a silver color of the instruments to bring out some of the detail and make the panel pop with the lack of detail present. I also painted the interior of the fuselage the same beige color and followed all the interior components up with a clear gloss coat to make it shine.

DashboardCabin Interior


The engine of this model is relatively simple, with two engine block halves that get glued together, with cylinder heads attached to that and the oil pan on the bottom. The mounting plate also gets attached to the back of it at this point for mounting to the frame. Everything was painted black followed up by aluminum except the cylinder heads which remain black. The entire assembly then gets attached to the firewall and engine cowling which was all painted the same way. A black wash was then applied to help bring out detail.

Cessna Engine

Paint & Decals

The painting of this model was very straightforward and easy to do, it's all white! I gave it a coat of Tamiya X-2 gloss white, followed by a good coat of X-22 over that to make sure it shined for the coming decals.

The supplied decals were from Cartograph, so I knew this was going to be an easy process as they would lay down great and fit well, and as usual, they did. Lining up a few of them across the fuselage proved to be a bit tricky and resulted in a few spots where white shows through where it shouldn't, but I'm not picky. One thing that upset me though was that the decals covered right over the engine cowling and had to be sliced afterward to be able to open and show the engine off. I had a few minor rips doing so.

Final Assembly

To finish off the construction of the model things like the landing gear was attached, along with the wing to the body itself, and the pair of antenna on top. The model is, unfortunately, a tail sitter but that's just how it has to be in this situation, as the instructions state this one depended on people to achieve the center of gravity needed.

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