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Started: 12/14/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
BrandPanda Hobby
Kit Number35014
Year Released2015
Build Time


Building this model starts us off in an unusual spot, the main body of the vehicle, more specifically the lower portion with the wedge shape that deflects IEDs and where the detectors are mounted. A few bits are fit to it for like hand grabs and endplate where some comms equipment gets mounted, along with the antenna. The fit was very good, everything fit super snug which was a great first sign of how this was going to proceed.

From there we build up the pair detectors that get mounted to the bottom. The modeler has the option of posing them folded up or down as if they were actively scanning. I opted to go the latter route as I thought it'd be more interesting, but either way, it's an easy modification to do.

Body Pt. 1Body Pt. 2

Front and Rear Suspension

At this point, the instructions move onto the suspension bits for the front and rear of this vehicle. Each end is more or less a mirror of each other besides the fact that the front has steering mechanisms. The main part of the structure is a pair of parts that form a triangle part that the other bits slot into which provides the strength and rigidity from there.

One really cool detail is that the leaf spring suspension u-bolts are separate and get applied which gives so much better depth in my opinion and looks that much better. The axles are separate halves that fit together well and then slot into the rest of the structure and stiffen it all up. I opted to leave the wheels off for now so can finish the rest of the model but the instructions suggest putting them on now.

The wheel fenders get fit as well but they are a fiddly affair with vague mounting points and had I looked ahead and seen where they get a more secure mount I'd have held off applying them till that point, but they stayed after a bit of convincing.

Front SuspensionRear Suspension

Drivers Compartment

A rather simplistic affair in this kit and I'm sure on the real vehicle we arrive at the driver's compartment. The basics are there, seat, steering wheel, some controls, and that's about it. Sadly the instructions left out colors here so It's off to the internet for references. Thankfully this didn't take long to find, and the results. black. black on black with tan. Easy enough.

Drivers Compartment Unpainted


Being a modern vehicle the paint scheme follows this as well. Overall the vehicle gets painted a desert sand color. That's it. Wish I were kidding but I'm not. Ok really there are a few others, like the lift rings are bright red, and the edge of the detector I painted a rubber black as I'd guess its rubber on the real thing.


Included in the kit is a rather small sheet of decals with unreadable text on most, not due to being out of register but just poor quality. Markings on the vehicle are very sparse as one would expect on a modern vehicle, with basic caution signage and that's about it besides unit number. Included in the sheet were also decals for the instruments, of which nothing was mentioned anywhere in the instructions, whether this omission was on purpose or just forgot about I don't know however I just skipped over them as its about impossible to reach the interior now to do so. Had I realized they were there when building the interior I'd have included them.


So one neat thing Panda included in the box was some decent gauged wire to wire up the detectors and such, but the instructions make no mention of it beyond the fact that they included it..... bummer. Looking around online for references not much was to be found on this vehicle sadly, with the detectors attached that is to figure out how to wire them up.

So I did the next best thing! I winged it using modelers license and ran a pair of wires from behind the cab where they attach to each side of the hydraulic pistons used to raise and lower the detectors. Then wanting a little more interest even though it was too thick of a gauge I ran another pair up to the IED detector out front. It adds a little something to an otherwise monotonous-looking model.

Final Assembly

With the wiring out of the way I turned my attention back to the final detail bits, things like reflectors for lights, mirror glass, and wheels. The wheel hubs are attached with a little wiggle but once the CA is set they set just fine and stable. PVA was used for the clear parts.

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