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McLaren 570S

Started: 12/15/2021Updated: 12/22/2021
Kit Number07051
Year Released2016
Build Time


To start building this beautiful car we always start with the engine. The main bulk of the engine being formed from the two engine halves, which also contain the transmission. The valley cover is fitted as well as the end of the transmission, before flipping it around and adding the front of the engine with the pulleys and belt. Once glued and dried I cleaned up the seams as much as possible before painting it all-aluminum and then painting the belt flat black. The oil filter gets painted a dark grey/black in the intake valley.

Once that was complete I fit the intake manifold, only after painting it rubber black with a bit of silver mixed in and then giving it a gloss coat. The valve covers were done the same way before adding those as well. The valve covers also had the bolts highlighted silver. Next up I built the pair of turbos with their piping to fit them to the exhaust and later to the intake. Speaking of exhaust I assembled the exhaust/muffler assembly so that I could paint it all at once before painting it an iron color. The axle halves were then painted before fitting to the engine and calling that complete. with that done it was ready to drop onto the bottom plate of the model.

Engine BlockEngine BlockExhaust ManifoldTurbo ManifoldValve Covers & IntakeEngine PaintedTurbo Manifolds PaintedEngine Complete


To start out building the chassis for the model I first had to paint the bottom plate semi-gloss black, the bottom side then receives further painting but that can be done later. Once that had dried I was able to fit the engine to it, along with the engine bracing, after painting it aluminum first. I was then able to paint the firewall black as well, before fitting it to the top of that structure. I was then able to fit the exhausts to the plate and with the help of some CA was able to get it to line up to the engine manifolds as well.

Engine InstalledChassis


Digging into the interior of this model I started going backward, not with an assembled interior but the order things were painted and constructed in. I cut all the major pieces off their sprues as everything was very obvious where and which side they fit, primed them all in grey primer, and then dug into actual paint colors. I started with the dashboard, which I painted the lower half in orange along with the vent surrounds before masking those off. I then hit the rest of it with Tamiya gunmetal, which is a very shiny color but a good color representation of Alcantara fabric. After I painted the vents black I went back and hit the dashboard with a dull coat to bring down the shine on it before adding the decals and a couple of detail bits.

The steering column was then built, a 3 piece assembly with the shifter paddles, and painted the same gunmetal color, then touched up with the black concoction of black and silver used earlier on the engine where needed before adding the decals to the front of it as well and offering up the final assembly to the dashboard.

With that bit out of the way, I was able to then turn to the tub of the interior. I painted a few areas the gunmetal color as appropriate before masking them off and painting the rest of the tub rubber black, a good color substitute for anthracite grey Revell recommends. Once that was done I masked off again and painted a few spots the black/silver mix to finish off the tub itself.

InteriorRight hand drive dashboard

Next up I built up the seats, with the various colors that make them up, different shades of metal, Alcantara, and so on. The seats then get decal seatbelts that I wish I would have applied to tape or something beforehand as they look wrong on the finished product. Live and learn I guess. Once each seat was finished they got installed into the interior tub.


Car Body

With the interior now complete it was time to go back to the body of the car finally. I started by masking off the various windows and painting the black framing on each. The back windows get a decal to mimic carbon fiber, however, once I applied the larger and walked away it slid and caused me to have to scrap it up and just paint it black, a bummer for sure.

The vents in the sides of the body behind the seats were painted next and then set aside to put in much later. I then started painting up the various details bits that were left, the headlights, taillights, and so on so that once the body was finished they could be added and be able to call it a day. The taillights got painted clear red, followed by chrome to make the appearance have more depth, similarly, the headlights were done.

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