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Kenworth W900

Started: 09/24/2021Updated: 09/26/2021
Kit Number85-1507
Year Released2009
Build Time


As with any vehicle construction begins with the chassis. The frame is one piece with airbags and suspension added to it. and the cab bottom being part of that. I turned to the paint booth at that point and pretty quickly regreted my choice to assemble it all and then paint as that made the process take longer and was harder to reach some places. But in the end I managed. For the why on the writing on the cab floor read the review.

Engine & Drivetrain

With the few engine parts put together in a very quick manner and little to no sanding needed I was able to turn to paint… Although my first color wasn't good, at all doh! So I sourced out actual Cat yellow and repainted it, and even though this particular engine didn't have the black valve colors I decided mine would. From there the engine fit into its home along with the radiator and all lived happily ever after.


The cab interior is very simplistic on this model, but there isn't much out there in aftermarket land and honestly didn't feel it was worth the effort scratch building either. So assembly commenced, and ended pretty quickly as well. My grandfathers truck had an all grey interior which i didn't think about till after i had painted all the tan bits. I took a little modeling liberties and just left it be, but did the seats in a grey to match, close enough I guess!

The dashboard was very simple as well, with not much detail to pick out. I turned to some references online to at least get the coloring right, for the most part.

With all that done, the cab interior went together and awaits installation into the body once its painting process is done.

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