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ATF Dingo 2 GE A2 patsi

Started: 12/12/2021Updated: 12/13/2021
BrandRevell of Germany
Kit Number03233
Year Released2013
Build Time


The beginning of this project is the chassis/frame of the Dingo. With separate side rails and cross supports along with various other bits like fuel tank, exhaust, etc alignment of the bits to glue was very fiddly and took some time to align properly. I also used the floor of the back portion of the model to help with alignment.

ChassisChassis Finished


To start off construction of the interior is the seats. Two variants are included and the only real difference is the support bracket for them. From there a few bits of floorboard are fitted into place before building up the dashboard. Numerous decals are attached to the dash and provide things like dials and GPS, with a few builders and warning labels. This fit into its home very tightly and seats and radio equipment were fit in around that along with what looks like a munitions storage bin but there is no detail there which is disappointing.

FloorpanDashboardInterior ProgressInterior Complete

Stowage Compartment

Once the main compartment of the Dingo was built it was time to turn to the back of the vehicle with the storage compartment. The instructions call for you to paint the interior of this but there is no provision to be able to show and see inside the back so I opted to skip that entirely and just build it. Fit on the many parts wasn't great with some very noticeable gaps showing as there was no sure fit method of how all the interlocking sides and slopes were to fit together, and once attached actually split apart revealing the gap. Putty will be required before paint that's for sure.

Stowage Compartment


With the main parts of the vehicle assembled I pulled out the trusty Tamiya masking tape and masked off all the windows along with the turret opening up on top. I didn't want to mess up the paint on the chassis so I left that separate and just used blue-tac to hold the three main sections together that way when I painted the tri-tone NATO camo there was no discontinuity in the colors or careful checking to get everything lined up.

Working my way from lightest to darkest color I applied NATO green over the entire surface, followed by the spots of NATO brown, and finally finished up with the NATO black as appropriate. During this process, the fenders also ended up getting some overspray but I went back and hand brushed them german grey.


Prepping for decals was done in the usual manner, applying a glossy clear coat over the entire model before starting with decals. I used Mr. Mark Softer underneath the decals and after getting air bubbles out applied another layer. Markings for the model are of the Bundeswehr or German peoples army back in 2011.

Final Assembly

With the decals out of the way, I applied a final flat clear coat and began to put the last pieces together. This included things like fitting the antennas on the rear, adding the mirrors, and gluing the gun and doors onto the vehicle.

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