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Leopard 2A5

Started: 12/15/2021Updated: 12/25/2021
BrandRevell of Germany
Kit Number03243
Year Released2015
Build Time

Lower Hull

To start our adventure building this German tank is the lower hull as one would expect from a tank. Unusual though is that there isn't a 'bathtub' style lower hull, but rather two side pieces, a bottom piece, two interior braces, and a backplate. I was skeptical on the fit and I had reason to be, the fit of the sides to the bottom wasn't the best, very large gaps were visible, and fitting the internal bracing revealed that the sides didn't quite fit either. I spent a bit of time with a sander and was able to clean up the edges of the sides and the bottom plate till that gap basically disappeared.

The instructions then follow on to build the road wheels, of which I skipped over for now as they will be fitted at the very end after painting, but an assembly of them is three pieces, the third being a front hub cap.

Progressing on, suspension arms are now attached, with them fitting very tightly but nothing a little elbow won't get into place, the good news is they aren't going anywhere once glued down. I then attached the upper plate and many detail pieces that get painted body color, leaving off things like tools and spare track links till later so that they can be painted separately.


Time to move onto turret! Extending the bottom plate for the turret with a pair of pieces almost doubles the size of the already massive turret, attachment points were very well defined and allowed the parts to fit and secure well.

The barrel then gets built and so far has to be one of my biggest gripes. I hate barrels molded in halves, especially on modern smooth bore buns, and would much rather have a slide molded assembly to do. Sanding cleaned up the joint pretty good though so there is that. The saving grace is the end of the gun is attached separately and has some depth to it to clean up the look at the business end. This then gets fit into the pivot to attach to the turret floor along with a cover to make the entire thing sleeker.

From there we add a bunch of detail bits including smoke launchers, antenna bases, storage racks. I also installed some lift lugs. The commander's cupola along with gunner's cupola also get built and attached at this point. There is some nice detail inside but however, once fitted you'll never see it again.


With assembly out of the way, I was able to turn to painting this monster of a tank. Everything underneath the upper part of the lower hull is painted a NATO green, no camo here. This includes the wheels as well. The rest of the tank then received the standard NATO 3 color camo.

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