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3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun (Pack 35/36)

Started: 12/13/2021Updated: 12/13/2021
Kit Number35035
Year Released1989
Build Time


Building this gun is very straightforward and easy. Starting off with the gun breach that is movable there are two halves, and with a little cleanup, the seam line becomes invisible. From there the gun itself is placed onto its swiveling mount where the knobs that adjust elevation and such are located, a couple of which were pretty fiddly but not terrible.

From there the shielding is placed on along with a couple of braces to keep it in location. After that, the wheelbase and towing arms are added to the body, both movable parts too. The final piece is the gun barrel (I opted to skip the sticky bombs included) and then adding the wheels.


Painting this model is really easy! It's all German grey! After assembly was complete I gave it a good coating and called it a day.

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