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7.5cm Anti-Tank Gun (Pak40/L46)

Started: 12/13/2021Updated: 12/13/2021
Kit Number35047
Year Released1990
Build Time


Starting out the build on this 75 mm gun is the barrel and breach. When assembled per the instructions the breech block can actually move, showing into the barrel although not all the way down it. This assembly is then fitted to the recoil mechanism that once again operates.

The front-facing shielding is then built, with an internal shutter that would help protect the gun when in a depressed position from enemy fire, again this mechanism can operate if built properly. A few swear words later and the shield and gun assembly itself are fit together and settle home with ease.

Legs are then built to brace the entire gun when firing and include some great handle details and other little bits. Finally, the wheels are fitted and this gun is ready to take on some American armor.

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