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British Universal Carrier Mk.II

Started: 12/13/2021Updated: 12/13/2021
Kit Number35249
Year Released2001
Build Time


Starting off the build as usual for tanks is the bogies, although thankfully with such a vehicle there is only a pair, plus a few idler pullies. The design of these parts is such that they may operate, but all for nothing as the drive sprockets are keyed and cannot turn. Piecing together was very quick and easy and only needed to paint the black of the rubber later.


From there we move to the «interior» of the vehicle, where the troops and equipment they would haul would be at. Details here are basic but they give the gist of what would be found, such as radio equipment and storage bins.

We also build the partition where the engine would sit, not replicated in this case but giving the idea that it's there is pretty cool, especially with the open-air intake.


The model then went to the paint booth where it received a coat of Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green. Everything got this and after some time passed all the detail bits were added in as far as color goes. The model then received a gloss coat in preparation for decals.

Base Coat On

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