The tech and tools that I use


My setup is in a constantly evolving state and tech comes and goes, therefore changes can be expected to be made. This is current as of the time of posting.

Editor + Terminal

Desktop Apps

  • Browser of choice still is Google Chrome and occasionally Firefox Dev.
  • Discord and Slack are the primary chat applications I use to interact with different communities.
  • For notetaking and todo lists I use Trello, I really ❤ the Kanban board style of it.
  • BackBlaze provides offsite backups to my entire PC just in case.

Browser Extensions

  • Lastpass for password management because we shouldn't be doing that manually anymore.
  • React Developer Tools this seems pretty explanatory
  • Apollo Developer Tools in the age of GraphQL this is a must
  • Biggest one for me is Grammarly because somehow at the age of 30 I still can't spell many things correctly!



  • My main development machine is an Asus G771JW that while a little short on resource these days and atrocious battery life has been a solid performer for me. Equipped with 16gb of ram and a 1TB Samsung Evo 970+ SSD as well as 2TB drive for backups.
  • Still performing but not great in color reproduction is my Samsung T260HD 26» 1200p monitor.
  • Das Keyboard mechanical keyboard, because yes all Das Keyboard owners must mention it!
  • Sennheiser HD595 headphones with FiiO E7+E9 headphone DAC/AMP

This uses page inspired by Wes Bos and may others who also basically copied his template. I'm not original, cut me some slack.